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“This was a book I began reading and couldn’t put it down. This is an amazing story of how one woman survived a physically and mentally abusive relationship while protecting her unborn child and two sons. Takes place in the Arizona desert where temperatures are chilling cold to extreme hot. How she survived being married to a social path who she kept leaving but he kept appearing back in her bedroom, porch, work, etc without notice. This is a blood wrenching true story that will keep you interested just to find out if she lived or not.”

5 Star Amazon Review by Rikki Gratrix


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A Pledge From The Author It is with great hope and concern that I make the following promise…. A donation of fifty cents will be made for every book sold, in honor of helping women and children of domestic violence, to support safe houses, to promote awareness of domestic abuse, and to educate women about the devastating effects of abusive relationships.